The strategy for Self Control Quadrant one has activities that are urgent and important. It is the crisis intervention quadrant. Stephan R. Covey says that if we don’t plan our activities well, eventually, everything will end up in this quadrant and we will always be fighting the fire. Quadrant two has the activities that are not urgent but are important and is the prevention quadrant. He says if we plan and prioritize our activities, we will not waste time. This quadrant relates to our vision, purpose and relationship building and is the heart of personal management. Quadrant three is urgent but not important. These activities are sudden interruption to the set agenda such as sudden meetings, reports, physical repairs and other pressing matters. Quadrant four includes activities that are neither urgent nor important. Some examples are watching television, social media and discussing irrelevant topics. We need to organize, prioritize and become second quadrant people. More on this next week.